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One thing that I cannot understand is why a business that is not a one-man-show would use outdated software, especially something like Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or anything under 10.
I can understand if a very small business of private person who do not have an IT department of IT support can still be stuck with such old software, but a big business with branches all over the country should know that especially IE < 10 has security risks and do not support HTML5.

When I mention PostgreSQL as a database solution, most people have no idea what I am talking about.  It is not a commonly known database, which is very sad.  People who are making decisions regarding the database to use in their organization or product normally only know about Oracle, MySQL or MS SQL Server.  This is a very sad situation as it results in a lot of overkill (like using Oracle for a simple data storage system - MySQL would be much better suited) or misuse of a database (like using MySQL for a system that requires a lot of data manipulation - Oracle/MS SQL/PostgreSQL is bett

This is probably old news for most serious Apple users, but I just discovered it yesterday. As a Geek I feel disappointed in myself.  I should have read the documentation and known from the start, but alas, I just installed OSX Lion and did not read much about it before I installed.  I just read the normal stuff Apple had on thier website.
But then, Apple did not advertise the information too, I stumbled onto it yesterday in the Apple Support forum.

Soon after Steve Jobs passed away, my wife sent me the following article, asking me what I thought of it: Steve Jobs: The Secular Prophet.  Interesting article.
The writer speculate that Steve Jobs was a prophet for people who believe in technology.  He also states that the Apple logo is a reference to the apple in the garden of Eden and speculate that the logo basically indicates that Apple wants to reverse the curse of the Fall in the garden of Eden.

My old (only just over 3 years) HP Officejet Pro L6780 has finally decided to not print decent anymore.  The ADF of the scanner have been giving problems for the last year, but with a little TLC and patience we could still get our scanning done.  I started to look for replacements, but they were all expensive and most lacked a critical feature that we use: scanning to folder. This was the original reason why we purchased it.

My old dev box that runs openSUSE 11.3 has been running out of steam recently.  It has 4GB of RAM and with the projects that I am busy with at the moment, the machine started to swap quickly.  So I began to look for options to increase the RAM.
The system was an Intel, Core2 Duo based system with DDR2 RAM.  The motherboard only have 2 slots, which houses two 2GB chips.  So in order to increase the RAM I had to find two 4GB DDR2 chips.  This proved to be a problem.

This morning I saw an advert for IE9 on a website.  The add focus on IE9's HTML5 capabilities and hardware acceleration.  Now the hardware accelleration is a new thing for web browsers, but HTML5 is old.  Firefox, Safari and Chrome have been supporting it for years.  Probably opera also. 
Microsoft has been kicking against HTML5 support to try and boost Silverlight, but this failed (They are not that much in control of users as they used to be - about 10% of computer users woke up over the last few years and realized that Microsoft is NOT the computer)

I recently helped a fried to buy a new scanner after his old scanner finally died.  I advised him to buy an all-in-one model as it had the feature to send scanned documents directly to a computer on the network and it does not need to be connected to a specific machine.  Ideal for people with laptops.
I bought a HP Officejet Pro L7680 3 years ago for the business and it worked really well.  Rainer was also impressed with it, so I looked for a similar type of machine for him.

We finally made some time to update our website! The old site was becoming out of date and difficult to maintain.
We are now using Drupal (Acquia Drupal to be specific). Acquia is a customization of the standard Drupal that includes a number of very handy modules. Acquia also contributes a lot to the Drupal project and offer support and services around Drupal. Have a look at their site if you are interested in a CMS:

I am a Christian, but I hate Christmas. Shocking, isn't it!


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