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Mail Servers

We supply standard IMAP/POP3 mail servers as well as Scalix mail servers, which allow calender, contact and folder sharing.

Scalix integrates with most e-mail clients including MS Outlook as well as offering a web-interface providing access wherever there's an internet connection.

File Servers and backup solutions

We install AFS and SAMBA file servers which allow you to share folders across systems. SAMBA shares can be accessed from Windows, Linux or Mac systems. AFS shares are the native Mac sharing (AppleTalk)

The file server can also be used as an onsite backup facility, thus speeding up the recovery of any lost data. The file server can also be set up to backup certain data to an external USB drive with minimal human interaction. When a configured backup drive is connected to the system, the backup automatically starts and notifies a user when the backup is done.

We also offer a remote backup solution via the Internet.

More info on server solutions

Hardware & Equipment

We supply, install and configure a range of IT hardware as part of projects. We build full computer systems to your specifications as well as selling components separately on request to existing clients.

Please note that we are not primarily a hardware vendor, so we don't sell to the general public.

Web Hosting

We will register a choice of local or international domain names at the normal registration fees of the the registrar and host the site on our secure web-servers. You also receive unique e-mail addresses for your chosen domain with access to a web interface to manage the email addresses. Webmail is available via the Squirrelmail web interface.

Our servers run Linux with Apache software and we offer support for PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHPBB, Drupal and many more. Servers are located in the UK and USA.

NOD Antivirus

We recommend NOD Antivirus software for preventing and fixing computer viruses.

We can supply and install NOD Antivirus for Microsoft Windows workstations and Linux file servers.

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