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In light of the recent CLUG flame war about mailing list netiquette and Jonathan's announcement about the changes to CLUG list rules, I have decided to dust off my netiquette-enforcing gear and take old High Horse for a practise run around the block.

I found my imaginary baton of netiquette enlightenment, donned my imaginary mailing list police jacket (with the badge) and saddled up my imaginary High Horse.

The early morning air was crisp with promise and carried a delicate aroma of pewter. (I have no idea why the air would smell of pewter, I don't even know what pewter smells like, but it is an interesting word to say and it sounds like computer)

I mounted High Horse, shoved the baton upwards and forwards and shouted "Hi-ho Slivar!!"
High Horse responded immediately and jumped forward with enthusiasm and flaring nostrils. We were out of the stable like an unlit rocket, wind blowing the three hairs left on my bald spot into disarray.
We hit the ground with a thud and we bounced a few meters forward, stopping right on the edge of the driveway. High Horse has collapsed again.
At least this time we managed to get to the end of the driveway, much further than normal.
After catching my breath I hobbled back to the imaginary stables and grabbed a few imaginary carrots and started to lure High Horse back into his stable.
That dammed Imaginary Horse Spa that I sent him to did not help a bit!
Well, that was enough exercise and excitement for the both of us for one day, maybe we will try again tomorrow.
Today the driveway, tomorrow the world!

PS: To understand the above, search the CLUG mailing lists for High Horse

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