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Linode ( has again proven why they are one of the best (if not THE best) virtual hosting companies out there.

We had a problem on a virtual server where some critical directories were deleted by accident. Server was still running, but no login or ssh access was possible (the /etc/ directory was gone).

I logged a support ticket with Linode to get some suggestions on how to proceed. They reacted promptly with some good suggestions and even links to documentation on how to solve the problem.

We managed to get the server restored with no data loss and only 39 minutes downtime.

A few months ago I had a problem with one of my own Linode virtual servers where the system got compromised and was used to launch DOS attacks against other hosts.

The Linode staff informed me of this and also gave me some helpful suggestions. I migrated the services and data over to another linode instance, but it took me some time as I had to wait for DNS changes and I had to do my regular work still.

The Linode staff was very patient and each time I gave a status update they responded with a kind "Thank you". They had the fullest right to just suspend the service, but they still gave me time to solve the problem.

They handled the situation very professionally.

I would like to give a 10 out of 10 to the Linode support people. You are doing a great job!

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