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I recently helped a fried to buy a new scanner after his old scanner finally died.  I advised him to buy an all-in-one model as it had the feature to send scanned documents directly to a computer on the network and it does not need to be connected to a specific machine.  Ideal for people with laptops.
I bought a HP Officejet Pro L7680 3 years ago for the business and it worked really well.  Rainer was also impressed with it, so I looked for a similar type of machine for him.
I found the HP Officejet 8500A and the Epson Stylus SX625FW to be in the spec range we were looking for.  I am an Epson fan but Rainer is a HP fan.  He has been using HP printers and scanners for 20 years, so he opted for the HP 8500A.  (The Epson also do not support digital filing and the HP does)
He bought a 8500A at Incredible Connection and I helped him to set it up on his network.  We got everything working basically except the digital filing.  The Macs would not open up for SAMBA from the printer. I had to get back to work and planned on returning later.
In the mean time Rainer found that with every scan he made the image was rotated a little.  He took the unit back to Incredible Connection and they tested thier demo model too.  Same thing.  So Rainer added R1000 and bought the 8500A plus. I helped him that afternoon to set it up and we got the Macs to talk SAMBA to the printer.  Scanning was working fine (no rotation of the image) and Rainer only had to figure out how to disable the printing of incoming faxes. He got this working on the 8500A.  The machines have the neat ability to save an incoming fax directly on a shared folder of a PC or to forward it via email, but the 8500A+ would also print it.  Not good for the trees.
Rainer decided to phone HP for support as they would surely be able to help him with the configuration. He phoned on 9 March and  again on 16 March.  The helpdesk personnel could not help him to resolve his issue and the second help desk agent promised that HP will call him back later.  He is still waiting for the call...
On the 17th of March Rainer sent and email to HP South Africa to ask them to respond, but still no response.
The bad part is not the fact that the help desk agent could not help him with his query, it was the way they handled it and the fact that they did not call him back or respond on his e-mail.  The least they could do is acknowledge that they do not know all the intricate setup detials of the specific model (which is acceptable as he did not have a normal type query) and that they would find out and come back to him and then do so.  Not just ignore him.
When I saw Rainer's email to HP (he cc'ed me in) I thought I would find out from Epson if thier model had this function and if it could do the digital filing.  I sent and email to the pre-sales contact email listed on Epson South Africa's website.  I still have not received even an acknowledgement of my email.  Just as bad as HP!
On Monday, 21 March, I tried the Epson UK website and used the support contact form on thier site (SA site does not have such a form) to request the same information about the Epson model.  The next day I recieved an email with answers to all my questions.  Now this is how it is done!
We are a small business and I try to answer every request I get by email, so I expect a large company like HP and Epson to answer EVERY email as they have the resources to do it.  Even if they just acknowledge the communication.  Epson UK also includes a unique reference number in the email, so they can manage email communication from customers.
Update 23 Mar 2011:  This afternoon I received an email in my inbox from Epson SA that answered my questions. Thanks Epson.  So now it is only HP that still not responding. 
Update 31 Mar 2011:  Rainer just informed me that an HP employee, Shane, has been helping him in his private capacity.  He phoned Rainer numerous times over the last few days and guided him through steps to change certain settings.  He even figured out how to disable the printing of incoming faxes, something that one of the call centre agents said was not possible with this model.  Sadly, HP has not responded officially or even acknowledged any email from Rainer.  Shane is a real star for going the extra 10 miles.  Seems like he is the only one working at HP SA.  Even after hours. 
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