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This morning I saw an advert for IE9 on a website.  The add focus on IE9's HTML5 capabilities and hardware acceleration.  Now the hardware accelleration is a new thing for web browsers, but HTML5 is old.  Firefox, Safari and Chrome have been supporting it for years.  Probably opera also. 
Microsoft has been kicking against HTML5 support to try and boost Silverlight, but this failed (They are not that much in control of users as they used to be - about 10% of computer users woke up over the last few years and realized that Microsoft is NOT the computer)
Microsoft's first browser to support HTML5 is IE9 and now they are using thier belated HTML5 support to show off thier new browser.  They are basically saying to users that they have been keeping thier users away from new technology for the last few years and now they decided that they will allow their users into the 21st century with a huge fanfare.
It is like refusing to buy shoes and warm clothes for your kids for their first years.  They learn that it is normal to be cold and have thorns in your feet.  Your house has 3 m high walls and you never let your kids out of the yard, so they don't see the neighbour's kids wearing shoes and warm clothes.
Then one day you see that your strategy is not working, your kids still does not cuddle against you for warmth and they don't like the cut open 2L coke bottles you strap to thier feet, so you decide to get them warm clothes and proper shoes.
But you don't give them the new clothes and shoes and apologise for keeping them away from it for years, no, you throw a huge party and you kind of tell them "hey kids! Look what I designed for you! Warm clothes and shoes! Now you will be the best dresses kids on the block!"
You never mention to them that the other kids in the neighborhood has been the best dressed kids for years and what you are giving your kids now have become the norm for the rest of the world.
Microsoft have always had a knack for marketing.  I think it is thier best skill.
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