Software Development

We can develop custom software tailored to suit your needs. We are experienced in a variety of development languages and skills such as C, C++, PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Perl, Python, PL/PSQL and PL/PgSQL.

We also develop database driven, web applications using the following technologies: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL.

IT Troubleshooting

We can troubleshoot your IT problems, whether it be hardware or software related and then provide a range of suitable solutions to overcome these problems.

If we can't find a suitable solution, then there are no costs. You have nothing to lose. Go ahead and give us a call...

IT Consulting

We will assess your company's hardware and software infrastructure and provide you with a variety of solutions to optimize and speed up your IT workflow.

Open Source software solutions not only make sense but save you time and money as well.

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